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11/07/11 Hi Laurie, I just wanted to say hi to you and thank you for helping in getting me adopted. Though our house is still in Corona, CA being rented, we have recently moved to Union City in Northern CA with my Poodle sister Princess and Siamese cat brother Precious, because my Daddy Chang transferred jobs, just new location but same company he's been with since Nov 1993. My name has since been changed to Princy 'cause Mommy said that though I look so handsome and fabulous, Fabio just doesn't suit me. Mommy thinks that Princy suits me better. After all, I looked like my older Poodle brother Prince, whom I've only met through his pictures 'caused he passed away on 12-22-10, few days before 01-09-11, the day my forever family adopted me. I really didn't mind because I know they love me like they loved Prince and I just love my forever Mommy and Daddy. My Mommy Gemma is the most wonderful mommy in the whole wide world. She gives me so much love even when I have accidents. I still have my circling behavior but it has tapered a little because they are so loving and patient with me. Though I still can't jump up on the sofa, my Mommy and Daddy just always picks me up so I can sit beside them when we are watching TV. However, I am proud to say that I have finally learned how to go up in the second level of our house in Corona, CA just few months ago. I used to be carried upstairs usually by my Mommy and sometimes my Daddy because I did not know how to use the stairs. My Mommy was so patient in teaching me how to climb up and have always been there to make sure that I don't get hurt. I had another teeth cleaning few months after I was adopted and always get groomed along with my sister Princess. I take a pill called Comfortis once a month, which my Vet in Norco, CA had prescribed, to make sure I don't get fleas when we go outdoors. My Mommy feeds us Blue Buffalo and we always get chicken jerky treats which she always buys at Costco--- ummm, my favorite!!! We have a filtered water fountain for our daily drinking and I sleep with Mommy and Daddy on our comfortable bed. Right now I am sitting and relaxing beside my Mommy while we watch Daddy's football team, the SF49er's, which he recorded earlier before they went to church. I am so blessed to have my forever home and come to think of it, I have been living with my loving Mommy and Daddy for almost 10 months now, since they adopted me on 01-09-11!!! I attached some of my favorite pictures that my Mommy took. Mommy said that I brought her so much joy since she lost my Poodle brother Prince. She also assured me that she will always love me even if I don't recover completely from my circling behavior. Oh what a relief to hear that and that's why I love my forever family soooo much!!! I hope and pray that others like me can also find their forever home with your help. I ABSOLUTELY DID!!! God is so good to all even to little dogs like me! Thank you dear Jesus for people like my Mommy and Daddy and for people like you and your organization, "Save A Small Dog Rescue". You helped tremendously in giving small dogs like me a second lease in our little dog lives!!! I appreciate all your sacrifices and everything that you do for the unfortunate small dogs out there! May God bless you tremendously for all your help in finding homes for us, little dogs. Thank you, once again, from the bottom of my little heart!!! I hope you won't mind if I drop you a little note every now and then to keep you posted of how I am doing. God bless you!!! Always and Forever (my Mommy and my Daddy's theme song), Princy "Fabio" Woo


10/25/11 Hi Laurie, I just wanted to personally thank you for Rory (formerly known as Esteau), she has been a wonderful companion to me, traveling with me back and forth to Los Angeles every Tuesday and gets along great with both big and small dogs. She has made my life a happier place because she is in it and I thank you for saving her from being brought to the Devore Animal Shelter because I wouldn't have had the chance to bring her home. She loves to fetch, she loves sticks that are twice her size, she has even gone on a house boat trip with us already and she jumped in the water, so we are officially calling her a Boston Retriever. She whines when she jumps off of high places, and barks with the big dogs, sits under my chair at work, and chases her tail. She digs (only when she's at the lake) and is just a fantastic little puppy! Thank you, Kaitlyn


September 15, 2011 We met Minnie at PETCO accidentally a couple of weeks ago. She is a loveable, calm, little girl and just the right companion for my dog, Cinnamon. I gladly adopted her the next day. She is an adorable, good, obedient, and friendly little gal. We love her dearly, and she is very happy and content here in her new home. Thanks so much, Laurie! Jeanne, Joanne, and Cinnamon


September 21, 2010 Hi Laurie....just wanted to let you know that I decided on a new name for "Ajax aka scooter"....especially after he was is CHARLIE. He just makes me smile all the time. He has such a wonderful personality and sweet disposition. His potty training is going good too. Thank you for choosing me to be his new mom. Vicky


8/05/10 Hi Laurie I just wanted to update you on our little girl she is amazing she has adapted to our home really well here are some pictures to share with you... thanks again and keep up the amazing work you do. Michelle Hughes-Mayor & John Cifuentes

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